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Offering unique and innovative coverage options for owners protective professional indemnity


OPUS: Protective Professional Indemnity Insurance for Owners

Berkley Construction Professional’s easily understood owners protective professional indemnity policy, OPUS, addresses the complex risks faced by project owners and provides broad coverage in the event of a significant economic loss.

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Learn More About owners protective professional indemnity Learn More About owners protective professional indemnity

OPUS Coverage Highlights

OPUS is a project specific professional and pollution indemnity policy that provides separate insuring agreements that share a policy aggregate limit for Protective Professional Indemnity, Protective Contractor’s Pollution and Third-Party Claim Defense and Indemnity.

Policy Forms

Explore Berkley Construction Professional’s owners protective professional indemnity, professional and pollution liability and excess policy forms.

Excess for Owners

We offer excess for owners through HARMONY, a follow-form excess liability and indemnity policy. It is flexible and can accommodate and seamlessly follow nearly every possible permutation of the underlying insurance.